Public Works Recycling

If you need to know your garbage or recycling day or need specific information regarding solid waste collections, call (256) 571-7598.

Garbage will be collected on Thursday and Friday (unless the city is running on a revised holiday schedule).

Recyclables are collected on Monday and Tuesday.

The City of Guntersville Public Works Department consists of the Sanitation, Street and Grounds Maintenance departments. Hours of operation are Monday Friday 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with weekday office hours 8:00 to 4:30. Holiday Schedules are published in The Advertiser-Gleam.

The Public Works Department is located at 2413 Taylor Street and is under the supervision of Mike Bush, Public Works Director

Please call (256) 571-7598 for information concerning the following:

  • Household and Commercial Waste pick up
  • Recycling
  • Street maintenance
  • Ground maintenance work (such as replacing street signs)
  • Yard waste collection (leaves and limbs)
  • Large appliance pick up
  • Holiday schedules

Household and Commercial Waste

Guntersville Garbage Truck

Household garbage should be placed in ridged 32-gallon containers with lids. Liners alone cannot be used. Each household is allowed two containers. Litter from your garbage is your responsibility. Garbage will be collected on Thursday and Friday.

Commercial waste pickup is coordinated on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of each individual business. Please contact us at (256) 571-7598 to schedule an appointment with the Sanitation Department.

For more information call (256) 571-7598.

Note: the Recyclable items listed below must be separated from household garbage.


Curbside Recycling is provided to all residents of the City of Guntersville. Residents may pick up blue bags free of charge from the following locations: City Hall, the Water Board, the Recreation Center and the Library.

The Guntersville Recycling Center gladly accepts recyclable items from individuals living outside of the city limits. Recyclable items are accepted at the Recycling Center located at 3450 Wyeth Mountain Road. Items should be placed in the bin in front of the center. Recyclables are collected on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information call (256) 571-7598.

The Guntersville Recycling Department Accepts the Following Items

  • PAPER - newspaper, office paper (all colors), shredded office paper, magazines, hardback books, paperback books, phone books, catalogs, junk mail, cardboard (includes all types of storage moving boxes, cereal and other dry good boxes from the grocery store, paper towel and bathroom tissue rolls, oatmeal boxes, pizza boxes and wrapping paper rolls)
  • GLASS - clear/brown/green
  • ALUMINUM - cans (beverage containers) and tin/steel (canned food cans)
  • PLASTICS (#1-6) - bottles and jugs (beverage bottles, laundry detergent jugs, milk and orange juice jugs, shampoo bottles, food packaging, plastic food tubs and carry out containers)
  • GROCERY BAGS - plastic grocery bags
  • MOTOR OIL - poured into an oil bottle or milk jug labeled oil, cap tightly secured
  • ELECTRONIC WASTE - computers, monitors and keyboards will be picked up curbside by appointment. Call (256) 571-7598 to schedule


ATTENTION: Business Owners and Office Mangers - appointments may be scheduled to pick up large quantities of shredded paper/office paper. Please call (256) 571-7598 to schedule.

Yard and Bulk Waste

Old appliances, furniture, carpet, excess wood, tree and brush/limbs are considered solid goods and are collected on a bi-weekly basis. These items should be placed on your own property at the alley or street curb, not on public right of way. Leaves and grass clipping may be bagged. To schedule pickup call (256) 571-7598.

Streets and Maintenance

In addition to street maintenance, this department is responsible for mowing the City's rights-of-way. They also maintain drainage ditches. To report missing street signs, report fallen trees, or potholes call (256) 571-7598.